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Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel was created by Beck Jones over the course of 4 years, with its original premier in March of 2018, the show sold out. Over the next few months following the run Beck found himself wanting to continue to work of the show and began to edit and revise the show. In August of 2018 he brought on Laura Smith and Gillian Bennett to help rewrite the show, the 3 then worked over the next 10 months to create what it is today. Hansel and Gretel then came back in June 2019 for a limited two night run (which extended to a full weekend) sponsored by 8th Day Distillery and Circle City Industrial Complex.

The show broke down the traditional story of Hansel and Gretel and took the themes of addiction and temptation from a sweet candy house to the 1920’s in an underground bar called ‘The Hungry Sparrow’. The show followed Evelyn on her journey throughout life and dealing with the temptations of love, alcohol and an abusive mother (Ethel) who ends up leaving the bar to Evelyn once prohibition is enacted. Enter Hansel and Gretel who have been left at the Hungry Sparrow by their broken down father who can no longer take care of them. The 3 then embark on a journey of up keeping a bar during these “trying times'“ all while dealing with their addictions that keep them in the bar. Together they enter the world of temptations and addictions but can it be that easy to escape your addictions and more importantly your past?


Evelyn - Laura Smith

Ethel/ Lillian - Lucy Garcia

Gretel - Sophia Duque

Hansel - Gillian Bennett

Young Evelyn - Alethea Harnish

Charlie Gray - Lilia Smith

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